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2017 - 2018

2016 - 2017

  • JSSF 2017

    It is my honour to be the chaperone teacher of three students Lui Cheuk Hin, Hugo (10C), Tsang Hoi Yeung, Ocean(9A) and Wong Tsun Hei, Timothy(9E), who represented G.T. College to join the Japan Super Science Fair 2017 at Ritsumeikan Junior and Senior High School(RITS) in Kyoto. The fair provided an opportunity for our students to present their scientific project and to exchange knowledge with teachers and students from 24 countries/regions. All of us had a fruitful experience in learning about different Science topics and the traditional Japanese culture. We visited the laboratories of different companies and met different researchers, which broadened our horizons. We met new friends from different countries and enhanced our communication skills. We also tried Japanese tea and food and played traditional Japanese games. It is really an unforgettable learning experience for us.


    Mr. Sunny Lui

  • Term 1 Prize-giving Ceremony

    Mr. C.Y. Leung and G7 awardees

    Mr. Paul Chan and G9 awardees

    Dr. Raymond Tam and G11 awardees

    Mr. Benny Lai and G8 awardees

    Dr. Raymond Tam and G10 awardees

    Dr. Raymond Tam and G12 awardees

  • G.T. Christmas Party 2017

    For other class Christmas photos, you can download from this link:

  • 醫學通識年賽 2017 - 愛滋病通識盃

    是次比賽由通識年賽主辦,推廣愛滋病及其預防的通識教育,鼓勵中學生認識現時香港預防愛滋病的措施,並透過研究海外國家 /城巿的良好做法,建議香港如何更好預防愛滋病;及提升參賽學生及其同學對愛滋病及其預防的關注和認識。






    區穎怡老師 (通識教育科)

  • Ritsumeikan Super Global Forum (RSGF) 2017

    In 13th Nov 2017 to 20th Nov 2017, 5 students (10D Chui Ho Tung Tony, 11B Yan Shiting Linda, 11C Fung Pui Lok Annette, Lee Wing Kiu Christy and 11D Tsang Chiu Shun Jessica) went to Kyoto to attend Ritsumeikan Super Global Forum (RSGF). The purpose of the forum is to tackle social issues through discussion, collaborative workshops, fieldwork and presentation. The theme of RSGF 2017 is “Education for Children ---- What education is needed for vulnerable children in the world”. During the forum, students met a lot of good friends all around the world like Britain, France, Canada, Taiwan, The Philippines, Nepal and Japan. Their horizon were definitely broadened and presentation skills were also strengthened during the trip.

    Ritsumeikan Super Global Forum (RSGF) 2017

    Linda was ready to present on her topic

    Mr. Billy Lee attended the workshop on cultural exchange

    Students in Rits welcomed us in the beginning of the forum

  • GT Students to KSA Exchange 2017

    Ten G.T. students of Grade 10 & 11 have joined an exchange programme to visit Korea Science Academy of KAIST (KSA) in Busan, Korea from November 5 to 11, 2017. They treasured a lot and gained a wonderful experience with their buddies as well as broadened their horizons in learning Korean traditions and culture and enriched their science knowledge.


                      Mr. Stanley Wong

                                                          Mathematics Teacher

    GT Students to KSA Exchange 2017

    Group photo taken with the Vice Principal of KSA

    G.T. students visited the Busan National Science Museum.

    G.T. students are enjoying the traditional Korean desert. They are very tasteful.

    Experiencing the culture of Korea by getting dress in ancient Korean Dynasty.

    Students created their own Korean artwork, paper craft.

    G.T. students played Korean anciem percussion music with KSA students.

    Students' comment:


    10D(20) Nicole Lui: This is my pleasure and I am thankful to have the opportunity to join such an extraordinary exchange programme to KSA. We had visited Busan National Science Museum which had numerous of interacting devices for us to experience. It deepened my understanding on the working principles of making a vehicle, spaceship as well as a ship.


    11C(21) Dickson Tong: This was an unforgettable trip. Our buddies are very nice and friendly. Throughout the exchange programme, my horizons was widened by knowing a lot of Korean culture and history. We had tried to wear the traditional garment designed in Go-Joseon Dynasty and learned the customs about showing our respect to the elders. I also wondered that the On-dol system was so great to enhance people's living in winter, providing a warm environment to let them live in comfort .


    11D(8) Yi Tak Lee: I am very much appreciated to have chance to join this exchange programme, we had a lot of great time and I enjoyed every moments in this trip. The syllabus in KSA impressed me most which involved many high order thinking. It stimulated my insight deeply.


    11D(11) Joyce Ma: During the exchange programme to KSA, we were so fortune that we had the chance to experience the Science Adventure Celebration (SAC). Similar to our game booth day, KSA students and their parents set up the booths to let the students participate in some games and club interest activities. Our buddies guided us to take some pictures for remembrance in a very professional studio in campus. We had also enjoyed an amazing magic show, and in the end we chose a booth that made dream catchers. It was quite challenging but it was an unique souvenir combined with creativity, task commitment and love.

  • GT Students Won Prizes in IJSO 2018 – HK Screening

    GT Students Won Prizes in IJSO 2018 – HK Screening

    GT College students with the age below 14 participated in the International Junior Science Olympiad 2018 - Hong Kong Screening in September of 2017. They won one First Class Honour prize and two Second Class Honour prizes. GT College have been participating in the competition since 2011 and winning numerous prizes. Congratulations!


     Mr. Alex O, Mr. Victor Yeung and Dr. Christine Yu

    Individual Award

    International Junior Science Olympiad 2018 - Hong Kong Screening


    G9E  Leung Chun Fung John  - First Class Honour

    G9A  Tsang Hoi Yeung Ocean  - Second Class Honour

    G9B  Wu Isaac Man Cheong   - Second Class Honour

    John Leung(G9E), Ocean Tsang(G9A) and Isaac Wu(G9B)

  • MWITS  to GTC Exchange

    MWITS to GTC Exchange

    We are very pleased to welcome the visitors of our sister school MWITS. Each of them is full of sunshine and vigour.


    In the classroom, our students & the Thai students learn from each other and perform harmoniously. The Thai students fully integrate into our school life. In each lesson, they show a bright smile.


    We hope when our students return to visit MWITS in Thailand, they can learn more about their life and education system, broaden their horizons and learn from each other, bringing GT's spirit of ‘Joy & Excellence’ to Thailand.

  • 2016-2017年度家教會週年大會








    其他相片可以在這兒下載: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm6TX7or

  • USS Ronald Reagan – “Peace Through Strength”

    G.T. x USS Ronald Reagan CVN-76

    The “America’s Flagship” CVN-76 left its port at Yokosuka and arrived in Hong Kong on October 2.


    Some 30 crew members of Marine and Sailor visited our school on the following day. They joined us at the assembly, and mingled with our students for more interactions and better communication. 3 leading officers explained their lives on the carrier while showing us their DVD slides.


    The principal, some teachers and students challenged the crew with some push-up exercise. Of course, it was easy to pick out volunteers who would do this routine physical training.


    The P.E. teachers cleverly designed a 5-a-side soccer games for G.T. members and the guests. We won by a narrow margin of 1:0.


    All the members were excited to have this opportunity to meet the crew.



    Reported by Tony Au

    Department Head of Humanities & L.S

    A warm welcome for our guests

    A trophy for the MV team

  • 1617年G7普通話水平考試成績





  • A mirror of G.T. Long Old friend - Sir David Agers-Akers

    The wise saying of George Herbert, a Welsh-born poet, applies well to an old friend of our school – Sir David Akers-Jones.


    Sir David officiated the inauguration ceremony of our school, previously located at Lei King Wan, Hong Kong East, in 1996. This was the first chance that we got to know the former Chief Secretary of Hong Kong. We moved into the present school premises in 2002.


    In 2007, we celebrated our 10th Anniversary of our school with the attendance of Sir David, friends, parents, students and alumni.


    On September 19, 2017, we celebrated the selection (by HKSAR government) of the Best 20 Events of Hong Kong Top of the World Records, which was also the 20th anniversary of our school. We were honoured with the presence of Sir David at the ceremony.


    We were all inspired by his talk and especially appreciated his suggestions of learning English and becoming a responsible citizen, lending out helping hands when others were in need, same as what he has been doing in a remote village in Xian, Shaanxi Province.


    This is indeed an important message he conveys to us since we are now living in an ever-changing global village, we should join hands to make a better world for tomorrow.


    We look forward to meeting this old friend again as he has promised us another appointment in ten years later!


    Reported by Tony Au

    Department Head of Humanity and L.S.


  • A conversation with an AmCham Leader - President: Ms Tara Joseph

    ‘Buzzwords for your career: passion and adventure’

    A Conversation with an AmCham Leader – President: Ms Tara Joseph


    Our students were inspired by the wonderful presentation of the speaker.  They learnt from the speech the qualities essential for becoming a leader: to be passionate in what they are doing and to dare to be adventurers and to explore the outer world.


    Although Ms Joseph had already a very tight schedule on that day, a short trip to our school could eventually be organized.


    We are grateful and honoured for her presence and looking forward to having another meeting with her soon.


                     Reported by: Tony Au

    Department Head of Humanities & L S





  • G12D Ye Jeff York won prize in IMO 2017 in Brazil

  • 敬師日 2017

  • 學生升學面試技巧講座

    家教會及學校人文學科很榮幸地邀請到Mettaworks 的創辦人Irene Tsang小姐,向學生分享有關升學面試的技巧及禮儀事項。本講座分享的核心目標,是希望學生可以從多角度去了解自己在人際溝通上的強與弱。從而提升在面試時的表現,為將來的挑戰做好準備。分享會在愉快的氣氛下進行,同學們認真聆聽及發問,期待日後有更多精彩的分享會和同學及老師分享。

  • G12深圳前海考察團


  • 2017年香港研究暑期課程



    日期:2017 年 7 月 14 日  (星期五)




    講者: 呂大樂教授 (香港教育大學香港研究學院總監)

                王潔瑩博士  (香港教育大學香港研究學院博士後研究員)


    參加者:Ms Winnie Au、陳樂熹、蔡柏楠、鄭樂熹及李卓明

  • Congratulations!! The Guinness Record of the largest Nunchaku lesson by G.T College co listed as the Best 20 events of Hong Kong:

    Top of the World records.


    The Guinness Record of the largest Nunchaku lesson by G.T College co listed as the Best 20 events of Hong Kong:

    Top of the World records.

  • G.T. College to Singapore, Hwa Chong Institution

    G.T. College to Singapore, Hwa Chong Institution

    Date: 29th May to 3rd June

    To: Singapore, Hwa Chong Institution.

    Activity: 23rd student leaders convention

    5 students and 1 teacher (Mr. Alpha Ho)

  • Jean Cassels Trophy

    Jean Cassels Trophy

    Blood Donation Day was held by the Student Union on 19th January, and the percentage of donation from this event reached the top ten of schools in Hong Kong. We are honoured to receive the award on 11th June from the Hong Kong Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service at the Annual Donor Award Ceremony, showing our school’s great care for the community.

    Mr. King Lau and Jessica Tsang(10D)attending the Annual Donor Award Ceremony 2017

    Jessica Tsang (SU’s President) representing our school to accept the award

  • 上海復旦二附中交流





    校園景色 _ 校門

    這次到上海交流是我的第一次交流活動, 既緊張又興奮!


    還有,同學們十分熱情招待我們,他們都想跟我聊天。 快樂的時光過得真快,當我們要離開時,大家都有些不捨,我們便互送小禮物。 我非常感謝學校的安排及同學的熱情招待和照顧,希望他們很快來香港旅遊和參觀我們的學校。













        在復旦大學第二附屬中學我能夠深深感到大家對我們的歡迎、關心與熱情,同學和老師也很主動與我們交談, 很快就與大家打成一片。

        復旦大學第二附屬中學是一間很頂尖的學校,每一位同學或老師都十分優秀, 我也學習到很多新的技能, 例如在早上的早操我們各位同學都學會變得更加守紀律。 我也認為我們還有很多地方去學習, 能夠在將來活學活用。










    這六天在復旦二附中的生活非常難忘,同學們不但十分熱情,有一些同學還想在我離開後與我 保持聯絡。他們在上課時會告訴我他們日常的生活。他們的課程十分多樣化,例如大勞技課程中 ,他們 能夠選擇自己喜歡的課外活動,中文課時,還有簡單的話劇,令同學能更深入地明白課堂上學到的知識。在上海這六天,不但能夠體驗他們這邊同學的生活多麼多姿多彩,還能夠明白到 他們多麼的勤奮。我十分難忘。







  • Ritsumeikan Junior and Senior High School 2017

    Ritsumeikan Junior and Senior High School 2017

    Nine Grade 9 students had joined an exchange programme to Ritsumeikan Junior and Senior High School (RITS), Kyoto from 28 May to 4 June 2017. In this eighth-day trip, they shared the ideas of sustainable development and culture in Hong Kong. They also participated in various biological experiments and lab tours in Osaka University. Consequently, students had a great time to experience the Japanese livings and culture at first hand. They treasured a lot from this trip and cherished every moment they stayed in RITS.


    Stanley Wong

    Group photo at the entrance of RITS campus

    Outing with Super Science High School (SSH) course students at Joyoshi Sogoundo Park

    Lab tour at Osaka University

    Visit National Museum of Ethnology

    Get dressed in Yukata at Traditional Japanese-style room

    Have lunch at the cafeteria in RITS

    Share the cultures with different countries and city

  • Junior form field trips in Geography

    Junior form field trips in Geography

    Participating in field trips is one of the most interesting learning experiences in Geography, therefore we have arranged a few for junior forms this year in March and April.


    A field trip to Wan Chai was arranged for Grade 7 students in order to learn about old urban areas in Hong Kong. They split into groups and joined tours of various themes, such as culture, history and environment. They  walked away with a better understanding of the local land use pattern, as well as the rapid changes in Wan Chai in recent decades after the trip.


    Grade 8 students paid a visit to a local organic farm operated by Natures’ Harvest in Sai Kung. The visit helped students not only to understand how organic farming systems work and the corresponding sustainable nature, but  also raised their awareness in environment conservation, not to mention the unique experience by making their own herbal pot with great fun!


    An orienteering activity in the Quarry Bay Park was arranged for Grade 9 students, aiming to strengthen their map reading skills. Students love the excitement and the challenges of this timed race. We all had an awesome day!


  • Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2017

    Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2017

    Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2017

    (Organization: EDB, HKAGE, the Hong Kong Physics Olym. Comm. and Physical Society of Hong Kong)




    G.T.(Ellen Yeung) College students ranked the 6th in secondary schools in Hong Kong Physics Olympiad 2017. There were about eight hundred contestants in S.1 to S.4 from different secondary  schools participating in the competition this year. Our students were so  brilliant  to  win  one  First  Honour,  one  Second  Honour,  one  Third  Honour  and  two Honourable Mention prizes.


    The youngest boy Lau Sze Chun (aged 11) in G.7 won the First Honour and Best Junior Student Prize. He did show the giftedness in studying physics.


    Mr. Alex O

    Teacher of Physics Olympiad Team

    Top Ten Schools (Based on the total scores of the top 5 students from each participating school, in descending order)

    Reference PDF File

  • Invicta Grammar School visits GT

    Invicta Grammar School visits GT

  • 20th Anniversary Drama Theater

    20th Anniversary Drama Theater







    教學路上,我們是教「好學生」還是教好「學生」呢? 本劇希望利用音樂和戲劇,從而探索優才人成長之路。現今香港教育往往追求高學歷和優越表現,往往遺忘了一班被主流學校認為是「普通」的學生。這而本劇正正想訪問這班學生自從進了優才後,對何謂喜悅和卓越有另一番見解。





    Video Link:

    Photo Link:


  • 上海復旦大學交流




    校園景色 _ 學校校名










  • 2017 SASMO新加坡數學競賽各級得獎名單

  • 34th Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad 2017 Preliminary Contest

    34th Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad 2017 Preliminary Contest

    G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College Math Olympiad Team (see the table below) won Merit in the 34th Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad Preliminary Contest in February 2017. G12 Ye Jeff York won the 1st Class Honour and G10 Tam Yin Kei won the 3rd Class Honour. GT College also ranked one of top 5 schools in Kowloon District 1. Congratulations!


    G10 Tam Yin Kei (Right 2nd)


  • 優才復旦締結盟約













  • Salute to “The amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island (LHD 8)”

    Salute to “The amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island (LHD 8)”

    We are proud to have been invited to tour the ship and to a reception that included food and refreshments during their 4-day stay in Hong Kong.  We are grateful for the hospitality of the Ship Support Office of the U.S. Consulate General and the SLS group.  We send our best wishes to their future missions.


    Tony Au



    Welcomed by the SLS group

    Photo-taken on the flight deck

    The amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island (LHD 8)

    The V-22 Osprey Team

  • 雄中雄女學術和文化交流














  • Conduct Award Presentation Ceremony

    Conduct Award Presentation Ceremony


    Ms. Sabrina Chan and G7 Conduct Awardees

    Mr. Stanley Wong and G8 Conduct Awardees

     Mr. Simon Yeung and G9 Conduct Awardees

    Mr. Benny Lai and G10 Conduct Awardees

    Dr. Raymond Tam and G11 Conduct Awardees

  • Academic Award Presentation Ceremony

    Academic Award Presentation Ceremony

    Mr. Benny Lai, G7 awardees and class teachers

    Dr. Raymond Tam, G8 awardees and class teachers

    Mr. Paul Chan, G9 awardees and class teachers

    Prof. Rex Li, G10 awardees and class teachers

    Prof. Rex Li, G11 awardees and class teachers

  • 2017AIMO(港澳盃)初賽各級得獎名單


    By Mr. Alex O, Mr. Elstan Fong, Mr. Ryan Cheng, Mr. Stanley Wong

  • Roche Young Scientist Award

    Roche Young Scientist Award

    Roche Young Scientist Award – Shortlisted as one of the top 15 finalist teams



    A team of three G10 students, Fung Pui Lok (10C), Shum Tsz Long (10D) and Tam Yui Hang (10D) participated in the Roche Young Scientist Award (RYSA) competition. They were shortlisted as one of the top 15 finalist teams in mid-February. The RYSA offered a mentorship programme to the team in which the mentor was a university student in the School of Science, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). The team entered a 2nd round of judging on 25th March which consists of two parts, an interview with the judges and a project exhibition. The judging panel includes professionals from the fields of medical science, science, education and business. Their project, entitled Warmed glucosamine patch aimed to design a warmed glucosamine patch to shorten the adhesion time of the patch on the skin of patients suffering from osteoarthritis.


    To prepare for the 2nd round of judging, students received constructive feedback, advice and vigorous discussion from all teachers in the science team and had their presentation skill enhanced by Mr. Leo Tsui. Although the team did not enter the final round, students broadened their horizons on the idea of innovation and enrich their knowledge related to medicine and science through the investigation of topic related to global health problem through the competition. We would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation for all of the support from our school, all teachers in the science team and Mr. Leo Tsui.


    Christine Yu (Biology Dept)



    A team photo (from left to right: Shum Tsz Long, 10D; Tam Yui Hang, 10D and Fung Pui Lok, 10C) in the project exhibition hall

    A group photo of the team and their fellow schoolmates and teachers (Dr. Christine Yu and Mr. Sunny Lui)

    The judges (from left to right: Prof. King L. CHOW, Professor of Life Science and Biomedical Engineering at the HKUST; Mrs Patricia CHU YEUNG Pak-yu, Chairman of the Hong Kong Anti-Cancer Society; Mr. Johnny TSE, General Manager for Roche Diagnostics Hong Kong Limited) were visiting the booth and asking the team some questions.

    The judges (from the front to the back: Professor YEOH Eng-kiong, Professor of Public Health, Director at the JC School of Public Health and Primary Care of the CUHK; Mr. Andy BARNETT, General Manager of Roche Hong Kong Limited; Professor John LEONG Chi-yan, Chairman of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority) were visiting the booth and asking the team some questions.

    A group photo of the top 15 finalist teams

  • TISF 2017

    TISF 2017

    10D Jimmy SHUM, 11B King CHAN and 11C Toby TSE attended Thailand International Science Fair (TISF) organized by Mahidol Wittayanusorn School (MWITS). In this four-day trip, they presented their science project “Lead us remove lead” in poster and oral presentation sessions. They also participated in various hand-on experiments, lab and university visits, and cultural excursions, broadening their horizons. Most importantly, the students had a great time to interact with more than 200 students and teachers from 16 countries. They enjoyed and learned a lot from this trip, which is never forgotten in their hearts.


    Ian Chuck

    Cultural excursion

    Oral presentation

    Poster presentation

    Two of the new friends – Darwin (left) is our roommate from Cambodia, and Mark (right) our buddy from Thailand.

  • 沖繩歷史考察團













  • Fun science competition 2017

    Fun science competition 2017

    Four of the G8 students joined “fun science competition 2017 – right stay here (junior form)” on 25th February at Hong Kong Science Museum. Participates were required to create a product which can slide down a stair handrail and then stop at a target position. Among 67 teams, the product created by 8D Tsang Hoi-Yeung and 8E Wan Cheuk-Heng successfully achieved all the requirements, and they won the first place grand award.


    Ian Chuck

    The product slid down a 5m-long stair handrail, and stopped at a fixed position

    8D Tsang Hoi Yeung (left) and 8E Wan Cheuk Heng (right) won the first place grand award

  • Basic Law Talk

    Students become more aware of the happenings in Hong Kong

    On March 7, 2017, we were proud to have Dr. Simon-Hoey Lee, MH – Convenor, Basic Law Promotion Steering Committee Working Group on Teachers and Students, give a presentation on One Country, Two System.  Dr. Lee clearly illustrated the contents to us.  Our students were very interested in the topic and were eager to raise questions during the discussion.


    Reported by: Tony Au

    Principal Tam presented souvenir to Dr. Lee

    China did not admit that Hong Kong was a colony

    Dr. Lee, we wanted to know

    Why the unequal treaties were not accepted

  • 通識科問答比賽








    7B高煜明, 8B黎頌曦, 9B楊頌皓, 10B陳樂熹, 11A黃昊泓

    7A張恩碩, 8A黃景臻, 9A鄭浩棋, 10A戴康文, 11A黃聲衡

    7D鄧栢熙, 8D陳朗逸, 9D岑嘉培 10D黃敖山,11B潘偉彰

    譚校長與亞軍隊伍: 7A張恩碩, 8A黃景臻, 9A鄭浩棋, 10A戴康文, 11A黃聲衡

    7E周允鵬, 8E關文瑄, 9E呂穎雯, 10D譚言基 11C施尚宏

    譚校長與冠軍隊伍: 7E周允鵬, 8E關文瑄, 9E呂穎雯, 10D譚言基 11C施尚宏


    7C倫浩軒, 8C陳尚正, 9C崔浩東, 10C李卓明, 11B伍霑樺

  • The 4th TKO Schools of Music Festival_Poster

    The 4th TKO Schools of Music Festival_Poster

  • Reap What You Sow

    Reap What You Sow


    Our distinguished alumna, Ashley Chung, has brought us another great news again.

    She won the Jury Prize of the International Painting Contest for Children organized by Golesti Viticulture and Tree Growing Museum in Romania.  She is highly praised by the jurors for her exceptional artistic representation of national traditional occupations in her drawing.


    Reported by Tony Au


    “Reap What You Sow” by Ashley Chung

    The Jury Prize, International Painting Contest for Children 2015,

    Golesti Viticulture and Tree Growing Museum, Arges County Council, Romania.

  • The Hong Kong Biology Olympiad for Secondary School 2016-2017

    The Hong Kong Biology Olympiad for Secondary School 2016-2017


    Team Awards of the First Round: G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College

    Team Awards of the Second Round – Second Class Award: G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College


    First Class Honours (8): Lau Wing Sum (12C), Chang Chui Chi (12D), Huang Chun Wang (12D), Ling Shun Fai (12D), No Cheuk Yan (12D), Wong Pak Man (12D),

    Yi Jeff York (12D), Choi Yan Lam (11B)


    Second Class Honours (2): Louie Hiu Wah (11C), Tam Yin Kei (10D)


    Third Class Honours (9): Chan Yuen Ka (12C), Cheung Ho Yu (12C), Lau Hong Chit (12C), Tam Chun Hei (12C), Ho Ho Kan (12D), Lee Tin Yan (12D), Kwan Pok Man (12D), Lam Chit Yuen (11C), Wan Shin Yau (11C)


    Merit (8): Cheung Long Yiu (12C), Keung Shing Lok (12C), Lo Chi Ying (12C),

    Uong Hazel (12C), Chung Hin Tung (11B), Szeto Chui (11B), Wong Hei Kiu (11C), Sze Sheung Wang (11C)


    Congratulations to all the awardees and participants!

    A group photo of all awardees students with Principal Tam.

    The HKUST Science Talk at School – Reading and writing the genetic code: diagnostics, GMOs and designer babies


    On 6 February 2017, we invited Prof. Angela Wu, assistant professor of the Division of Life Science at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to deliver a science talk – reading and writing the genetic code: diagnostics, GMOs and designer babies at our school. All G10 and G11 students attended the talk. In the talk, the addition and deletion of genes into human genome are discussed. Besides, the ethnics of making ‘designer babies’ arouse students’ interest.


    Christine Yu (Biology Dept)


    A group photo of all the participated students and Prof. Wu in the talk.

    Principal Tam presented souvenir to Prof. Wu to express our thanks for her coming.

  • 陳亞軍教授專題講座



  • 第53屆學校舞蹈節比賽-甲級獎





    Talent Class - Modern Dance 舞蹈員:

    7E 朱明蔚

    7E 秦小柔

    8B 鄭詠如

    8B 蕭頌翎

    8C 陳穎妍

    8D 張可琳

    8D 黃靖荇

    8E 呂惠珊

    9A 饒嘉淇

    9D 羅伽蕙

    9D 莫書孟

    10A 黃心悅

    10C 袁綽羚

    11A 周子怡

    11B 鄭淇安

    11B 黃希彤






    9E 區舜菁


  • G7-G11 Class New Year Lunch

    G7-G11 Class New Year Lunch

    It is our tradition to have a chance for class teachers, assistant teachers and students to have a class new year lunch to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Students and teachers enjoy a very warm and pleasant moment during the lunch. Students and teachers have a very joyful lunch with plenty of delicious food and drinks.

    You can download more photos from this link:  https://flic.kr/s/aHskMHuZoH

  • GT Game Booth Day 2016

    GT Game Booth Day 2016

    Game Booth Day has been our tradition in G.T. College with successful achievements and positive feedbacks from parents and students. There are 21 booths organized by the secondary students from G7 to G11 offering various sorts of exciting games for our G4 to G6 students. Games include shooting, role plays, maze, hunted house, toss and throw, etc. During the preparation procedures, our secondary students demonstrate excellent sense of team spirit and co-operation. Our primary and secondary students enjoy a lot in this great annual event.


    We have invited the following schools to participate our game booth day.

    Y.O.T. Tin Ka Ping Primary School

    Shun Tak Fraternal Association Leung Kit Wah Primary School

    St. Andrew's Catholic Primary School


    You can download more photos from this link:  https://flic.kr/s/aHskMyWzdm

    You can download the video from this link:  http://vimeo.com/203778861

  • 2016-12-20 Prize-giving ceremony (Term 1 Assessment)

    2016-12-20 Prize-giving ceremony (Term 1 Assessment)

    G7  Awardees and class teachers

    G8  Awardees and class teachers

    G9  Awardees and class teachers

    G10  Awardees and class teachers

    G11  Awardees and class teachers

    G12  Awardees and class teachers

  • Hang Lung Mathematics Awards 2016

    Hang Lung Mathematics Awards 2016

    Four Grade 11 students (G11B CHUNG, Hin Tung, G11C CHAN, King Chun, KOK, Sze Wai, Christy, & LAM, Chit Yuen) devoted themselves on mathematical research for nearly 2 years, and they have successfully written a project report up to the undergraduate level. Having approved by the screening board, they were invited to an Oral Defense on 14 December 2016 by a scientific committee of 12 renowned mathematicians, including Fields Medalist, Professor Shing Tung YAU. Finally, they achieved the Honorable Mention in Hang Lung Mathematics Awards 2016. Congratulations!


    Reported by Mr. Stanley WONG, Mathematics teacher



    Photo taken before the Oral Defense. Students are full of confidence.

    G.T. College students took a photo with Professor Shing Tung YAU after the Oral Defense.

    Our students taken a photo with Professor Shiu Yuen CHENG.

  • RHS Exchange

    RHS Exchange

    This is our great pleasure to welcome Ms. Yuki Shirai and ten exchange students from Ritsumeikan Junior High School (RJHS), Japan. This represents the first exchange programme between RJHS and GTC, and a great step of advancing the friendship between the two schools. The exchange group will be here with us from 10 December to 18 December. We hope that they will have a great time here staying with us.

    You can download more photos from this link: https://flic.kr/s/aHskMTNUMm

  • 台灣兩岸三城 2016

    台灣兩岸三城 2016

    You can also download the photos from this link : https://flic.kr/s/aHskN6ZZCD

  • School Picnic 秋季旅行 2016

    School Picnic 秋季旅行 2016





    G7    :  https://www.flickr.com/gp/143034219@N02/3yB938

    G8    :  https://flic.kr/s/aHskQqE9Wy

    G9    :  https://flic.kr/s/aHskJFhqcx

    G10  :  https://flic.kr/s/aHskN7bfN8

    G11  :  https://flic.kr/s/aHskN7coTz

    G12  :  https://flic.kr/s/aHskJFkam4


  • 「一帶一路」論壇

    「一 帶 一 路 」 是 「 絲 綢 之 路 經 濟 帶 」 及 「 21 世 紀 海 上 絲 綢 之 路 」 的 簡 稱 ; 是 國 家 對 外 發 展 的 重 要 長 遠 策 略 。「一 帶 一 路 」 經 濟 規 模 高 達 21 萬 億 美 元 、 牽 涉 國 家 的 人 口 達 44 億 , 佔 全 球 人 口 六 成 以 上 , 是 世 界 最 長 的 經 濟 走 廊 。


    長 久 以 來 , 香 港 與 國 家 的 經 濟 發 展 唇 齒 相 依 。 香 港 在 籌 劃 未 來 經 濟 路 向 時 , 必 須 顧 及 這 方 面 互 動 所 帶 來 的 影 響 。 在 「 一 帶 一 路 」 建 設 過 程 中 , 香 港 可 考 慮 如 何 能 更 好 地 發 揮 優 勢 , 促 進 本 身 的 經 濟 發 展 , 達 致 雙 贏 。


    教育局與香港青年協會M21媒體空間合作,於二零一六年十二月七日舉辦,認識「一帶一路」,擴闊國際視野論壇。本校亦有派隊參加。隊員有G10B的陳嘉琳,陳樂熹,鄭樂熹,林紀欣,及 G10C的蔡柏楠與葉正。


    報導: 區啟光主任



    我認為 ....


  • Popular Science Special Lecture Series

    Popular Science Special Lecture Series

    Popular Science Special Lecture Series: How Nobel Prizes are won


    On 25 November 2016, 18 G7 to G10 students attended The Popular Science Special Lecture Series: How Nobel Prizes are won at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. During the lecture, the professors from Faculty of Science explain the science behind this year’s Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, and Physics. It’s also our great pleasure to talk to Professor Dickon H. L. Ng about his experience in research field and career prospect of science after the lecture.





















    Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) iGEM Lab Visit


    On 2 December 2016, 21 students in the Amazing Biology and 科學D.I.Y. elective program had visited Professor Chow, King Lau’s iGEM laboratory at Division of Life Science, HKUST. ProfessorKing K. L. Chow shared his challenging iGEM research project and laboratory facilities with us. He also share with us how to make best use of a common area to fit interdisciplinary activities.



    A group photo of participated G7 to G10 students and science teachers with Professor Dicken H. L. Ng at CUHK.

    A group photo of participated G7 to G10 students and biology teachers with Professor King K. L. Chow at HKUST.

  • 2016 Rits Super Global Forum

  • Thanksgiving


    Thanksgiving was originally celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest. Although Thanksgiving has historical roots in religious and cultural traditions, it has long been celebrated in a secular manner as well. It has been the same in Chinese culture, though it is not celebrated on the same date.


    On November 24, Dr. Tam and I had the honour of being invited by Mr. Frank Wong, the former AmCham committee member and the President of Scholastic Asia, to attend AmCham’s Thanksgiving Lunch at Grand Hyatt Hotel.


    The Members and the guests enjoyed much the occasion. Among them, there were distinguished government officials like Mrs. Carrie Lam, the Chief Secretary and Greg So, the Commerce and Economic Development Secretary, and celebrities like Mr. Ronny K.W. Tong SC.


    Not only did we have delicious food, but we could also meet and chat with the new friends. The only pity was that we had to bid farewell to the present President of AmCham HK and our good friend, Dr. Richard Vuylsteke, who will finish his tenure by the end of this year. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours.


    Reported by Tony Au




    (From Left) Mr. Frank Wong, Mr. Ronny Tong and Dr. Raymond Tam

    Dr. Raymond Tam, Dr. Richard Vuylsteke & Mr. Tony Au

  • 聯合國世界網絡論壇 2016

    聯合國世界網絡論壇 2016



    For more photos , please click this link

  • Rome was not built in one day!

    Rome was not built in one day!

    On November 22, 2016, a Town Planner, Ms Christine Cheung, of the Planning Department, presented to our students a topic on the town planning of Hong Kong on 2030 and beyond. The systematic long-term planning broadens our visions on the development of Hong Kong. Students listened carefully and responded enthusiastically to the Q&A session.


    Reported by: Tony Au



    A panoramic view of the presenters and audience

    I guess......

    Ms Christine Cheung explained the plan in details

  • 2016 – 2017 家教會選舉

    2016 – 2017 家教會選舉

    16-17 家教會週年大會在2016年10月14日已完滿結束。











  • 2016 - 2017 Sports Day

    2016 - 2017 Sports Day

    We had a fabulous day on 7th October 2016 when the whole school came together for our annual sports day. We had a great turn out of parents, family and friends to support.

    For more photos , please click this link

  • The 5th Student Union Election

    The 5th Student Union Election

    The 5th student union election was held on September 19th. 356 students have casted their votes. The result was as follow:



    (1) Unity

    (2) Passionners



    Students queuing up to cast their votes

    The Commitiee Members of the 5th Student Union (Unity)

    President                               Jessica Tsang(10D)

    Internal Vice-President       Ocean Wong(10D)

    External Vice-President       Anson Yip(10D)

    Secretary                                Linda Yan(10B)

    Treasurer                               Teresa Law(10A)

    Activity Director                      Gordon Lim(9E)

    Promotion Officer                  Cupid Ho(10C)

    Liaison Officer                       Jason Cheng(10C)

    Cabinets distributing fliers at the school gates

    Jessica Tsang answering questions during the debate

    Presidents of both cabinets(Jessica Tsang and Christy Lee) shaking hands after the election

  • MWITS to GTC Exchange Welcome Party

    MWITS to GTC Exchange Welcome Party

    We are very pleased to welcome the visitors of our sister school MWITS which include the following members:


    Dr. Kiattipoom Rodpun, Korakot Leelathanakorn, Pakaphol Siriworachanyadee,

    Pakpoom Ratsamitat, Poosarun Sirithanadol, Supissara Thongleng,

    Thanawan Reamsermsuk, Woranuch Jitpakdeebodin, and

    Unthika Kasemsukpakdee.


    Each of them is full of sunshine and vigour.


    In the classroom, our students & the Thai students learn from each other and perform harmoniously. The Thai students fully integrate into our school life. In each lesson, they show a bright smile.


    We hope when our students return to visit MWITS in Thailand, they can learn more about their life and education system, broaden their horizons and learn from each other, bringing GT's spirit of ‘Joy & Excellence’ to Thailand.



    For more photos , please click this link

  • MWITS Students English Lesson

    MWITS Students English Lesson

    For more photos , please click this link

  • Sports Achievement  - Prize Presentation

    Sports Achievement - Prize Presentation


    Boys U14 Fifth



    Hong Kong Open 香港巧固球公開賽

    Men Champion & Men third


    HKIEd invitation 香港教育學院 巧固球邀請賽

    Men third



    Inter school

    Individual Champion


    SCAA 50th anniversary

    Individual Champion



    Inter school

    Boys B second



    Hong Kong Open

    30’s speedy, 45’s individual, 2 min endurance

    Boys overall


    30’s speedy, 2 min endurance



    Floor Curling


    第一屆香港校際 地壺球錦標賽




    Inter school

    Boys C second



    亞洲青少年定向錦標賽 中距離賽








    Sports Boy & Sports Girl


  • Student Union Vote Day

    Student Union Vote Day

  • School Commencement Day

    School Commencement Day

    Opening Speech by Professor Li

    Principal, Dr. Tam delivers a speech

    Introduction of MEG teachers

    Introduction of new teachers

  • Prize-Giving Day

    Prize-Giving Day

    Opening Speech by Mr. Desmond Lee, School Supervisor

    School Supervisor, Principal, Vice-principals and Department Heads

    Presentation of DSE Results by Principal Tam

    Conduct Award Winners of G9

    G7 Academic Award Winners

    G8 Academic Award Winners

    G9 Academic Award Winners

    G10 Academic Award Winners

    G11 Academic Award Winners

    University Entrance Scholarship for G.T. Graduates.

    2016 DSE graduate representatives conduct sharing with G.12 students

    Lunch reception at the Grand Hall



    You can download the magazine to read from this link.

  • 深圳前海考察團


  • 中學生民意調查體驗工作坊

    香港理工大學社會政策研究中心 - 中學生民意調查體驗工作坊

    香港理工大學社會政策研究中心在今年暑假期間,舉辦了一項名為「中學生民意調查體驗工作坊」的活動,本校6名G11A同學,包括: 鄭嘉瑤、周子怡、盧彥妤、黃子宜、胡至信和葉灝晴,在教授和導師的指導下設計研究的題目和問卷,並擔當電話訪問員進行調查,完成了一個小規模、但過程非常嚴謹的全港性電話民意調查。



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