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School News and Events

2018 - 19

  • Special Assembly for G12

  • Prize Giving Ceremony

    In the past year, our students did excellently in the external examinations. The prize giving ceremony for PET and IGCSE ESL, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics were held during the assembly on 27th November and 4th December. Congratulations to all our prize winners.

    Students got Distinction in PET

    Marcel Hui got Best Performance Hong Kong in IGCSE ESL

    Students got A* in IGCSE Mathematics

    Students got A or A* in IGCSE Biology

    For other photos please go to our G.T. Album

  • Simulation of COP 24 Summit on Climate Change

    The Hong Kong-America Center (HKAC) organized the COP 24 meeting as a simulation exercise for school students in HK on Saturday, December 8 at Edinburgh Tower, Landmark in Central.


    The event included a briefing on Status of Climate Change Negotiations and COP24; simulation country team meetings and presentations; live video-conference with HK reps in COP 24 meeting in Poland; etc.


    Our school team, 11A Megan Louie, 11B Yoyo Har, Jada Lam and Pat Yu, gained fruitful experience and they were expecting more conferences will be organized for high school students in Hong Kong to enrich their learning experiences.


    Ms. Winnie AU, Liberal Studies Teacher


    For other photos please go to our G.T. Album

  • Rits Super Global Forum 2018

  • Term 1 Prize-giving Ceremony

     Mr. Albert Hong, G7 awardees and class teachers

    Mr. Benny Lai, G9 awardees and class teachers

    Dr. Raymond Tam, G11 awardees and class teachers

    Mr. Alex O, G8 awardees and class teachers

    Mr. Paul Chan, G10 awardees and class teachers

    Dr. Raymond Tam, G12 awardees and subject teachers

  • 校長團到訪優才書院















  • 「優中敬師卡」設計比賽

    家教會 2018-2019 敬師活動




    7D(1) 陳綽賢                                                               7C(18) 鄧柏洋














    7B(25) 王霆謙

















    8C(18) 蕭子喬





  • Model United Nation Writing Contest and Environmental Assembly-Model UN 2018

    Women’s Federation for World Peace, Hong Kong, invited secondary students to write a position paper on behalf of an UNEP member country, giving its position and recommendations on the global issue of climate change.


    Hundreds of secondary students participated in the writing contest and the organization selected around 30 students to attend the Environmental Assembly-Model UN 2018 on 1 December, 2018.


     11A Megan Louie was one of the delegates representing Canada. Her goal as a delegate is to pass a resolution that is in favor of her representing country and by writing a resolution paper with other delegates as a coalition or political group in the conference.


    Megan finally won the gold prize, the champion of the contest.


    Ms. Winnie AU

    Liberal Studies Teacher

  • 2018 PTA  AGM

    The 2017-2018 PTA AGM was held on 19 Oct., 2018. Ms. Lee Wai Chi, Gigi and Ms. Mark Po Yee, Jenny have been elected as the new Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of the PTA respectively for the coming two years.


    Principal, Dr. Tam presented a token of thanks to the 2016-2018 PTA Chairperson Ms. Wong Lai Ching, Cathine, for her hard work over the last two years.

  • HKYSTIC Photos selected

    A micro view of silver ions attracted by the bacterium

    A micro view of silver ions entering the bacterium and starting to destruct the nucleoid (DNA)

    The cutting of cheese

    The making of agar plates for experiments

    The measurement of a very small amount of silver nanopowder

    The photo showing 3 layers of our shoe pad

    A picture of all three student members of our science research team

    Prize Presentation Ceremony

    Project Booth Setup

    Prize Giving Ceremony at G.T. College

  • Science Research Award Highlights - HKYSTIC

    Science Research Award Highlights

    A science research team has been formed by three G.T. students from Grade 9 which has won the Merit Award in the 20th Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition (HKYSTIC) 2017-2018. The event was held on 13-15 April, 2018 at the Hong Kong Science Park which included the Project Booth Set-up, the Final Judging cum Public Exhibition and the Prize Presentation Ceremony.


    Background Information of HKYSTIC

    Since its launch in 1997, the Hong Kong Youth Science & Technology Innovation Competition (HKYSTIC) is now the largest and most popular STEM competition in Hong Kong with over 4,000 applicants from nearly 350 schools participating in this annual event. Our research team has participated in the Research and Invention (Junior Section) category. Participants can submit either a research or an invention.


    Our Project Overview

    The research project has been conducted continuously for 5 months, from November 2017 to April 2018, in our laboratories. The invention of our research team is “Antibacterial Nano Silver Shoe Pad”. The idea of the invention is from the experience in our research team leader, Jeremy Wan’s daily life. In a rainy day, Jeremy forgot to bring his umbrella. His shoes were all wet due to the heavy rain. When he got home, he noticed that his shoes were very smelly and the odor could not be gotten rid of. As Jeremy’s experience was disturbing and embarrassing, we brainstormed some solutions to clear the bad odor.


    Shoe odor is a big problem for many people. Eventually, our students decided to invent an insole containing chemicals that can kill microbes. After conducting some investigative studies and searching for research publications on various alternatives: 1) using tourmaline to charge UV light; 2) to create ozone; 3) designing a drainage system; 4) using activated charcoal; 5) using alcohol; and 6) using nano silver, we have selected nano silver to kill the bacteria & fungi. With it, the problem of shoe odor will be solved.



    We have found that silver solution is an efficient and efficient way on killing brevibacterium linens which means that our shoe pad is a good way of preventing the shoe odor. We hope in the future we can extend this technology to other products, e.g. spray, cloth fibre, laundry detergent, so that our products can help the needed, especially the elderly and the disabled around the world.



    Profile of Our Science Research Team

    Jeremy Wan Cheuk Heng (9C): The team leader; possesses the “gene” for scientific research; has intense interests in science; with strong presentation skills.


    Ricky Chan Kin Lun (9C): Embraces challenges; possesses strong analytical skills and organizational skills; with strong reasoning and critical thinking.


    Ivan Chong Cheuk Ki (9C): Possesses strong scientific mindsets including systematic and logical thinking; strong language skills including report and video scripts writing skills.


    Scientific Journey

    Through this scientific investigation journey, our students have not only acquired the scientific knowledge, but also undergone the life cycle of scientists. They have faced difficulties, challenges and failures in their scientific investigation. They were not doing experiments which had been previously well-proven as in their regular classes. Instead, they were exploring multiple possibilities and dealing with open-ended research with uncertainties. They spent lots of time and effort reading research journals, doing repetitive experiments to find out the pattern of bacterial growth and writing research reports during school holidays.


    Though they have encountered various hardships throughout the scientific journey, the outcomes are very well received. And if fact, the more frequent they failed, the more joyful they experienced when they finally got the expected experimental results successfully, and the higher level of satisfaction they gained.


    Another valuable experience they have gained from the scientific investigation is the learning of time management. Sometimes, they might find challenging to manage both academic work and science research at the same time, especially during assessment periods. But actually, it is real-world training on multi-tasking and prioritization. They will certainly face this kind of scenarios in the coming future when studying in university and working in society.


    Finally, they were able to manage both very well and the results were very encouraging. They have shared with me that there were synergy through doing scientific research and it has benefited their academic work. I appreciate their time and effort contribution to the scientific investigation very much. And their endeavors have been highly recognized.


    Affirmations from parents also have played a very important part in supporting their children doing scientific research via their presence in the public exhibition or prize presentation ceremony. And I have been very thankful to learn from their parents that they have made breakthroughs in problem solving skills and overcome bottlenecks in learning.


    Gratitude & Thankfulness

    Like other subjects, science is a subject which needs a continuous immersion from junior forms and in primary school. It also has integration with knowledge from other subjects. A student will not have intense interest in scientific investigation overnight. The fundamental education is very important for our students. And we would like to show our gratitude to all parents to let us coach their children in the open competitions.


    I am proud to have such high-quality students to participate in the science competitions. And I am very delighted that I have witnessed these students grown throughout their research journey.


    Going Forward

    Science research team needs research atmosphere, peer support and adequate coaching. Our forward plan is to establish a more sophisticated research environment to gather those students who are interested in scientific investigation. In the coming academic years, we will collaborate with universities to do scientific research in the university laboratories. We will continue to coach our G.T. students for the accomplishment of love, creativity and task commitment and nurture them to be our future leaders.


    Mr. Jacky LEUNG

    Physics Teacher



    Please enjoy watching the HKYSTIC video of our science research team by scanning the following QR code:



  • 通識教育科-粵港澳大灣區考察團

  • 2018俄羅斯世界杯聯歡晚會


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