Humanities & Liberal Studies

There are four subjects in the Department of Humanities & Liberal Studies, viz. Economics, Geography, Chinese History and Liberal Studies. The aim of these subjects is to develop students' social and humanistic perspective so to help them make judgments on issues in local community, the nation and the world.




Chinese History

Liberal Studies

Economics is a study of the choices that individuals and societies make about how to allocate their scarce resources among competing uses. It is a social science, applying scientific methods of analysis to problems of human interaction.




  • To provide pupils of varying aptitudes with the basic economic knowledge necessary to understand better the world in which they live;
  • To provide students with knowledge and understanding about the interactions of different economic sectors;
  • To provide students with an understanding of the Hong Kong economy;
  • To develop pupils the ability to communicate through the effective use of economic terminology and data;
  • To develop in student the skills in logical and critical thinking, especially about economic issues.




Major topics covered in the syllabus of HKDSE include:


A.  Core:

  • Basic Economic concepts
  • Market and price
  • Firm and production
  • Competition and market structure
  • Efficiency, equity and the role of government
  • Measurement of economic performance
  • National income determination and price level
  • Money and banking
  • Macroeconomic problems and policies
  • International trade and finance


B.   Elective:


Elective 1: Monopoly pricing, anti-competitive behaviors and competition policy

To broaden students’ horizons, useful seminars and competition activities on  economics and financial related topics will be arranged for different grades.


Elective 2: Extension of trade theory, Economic growth and development

To guide students in the "Extension of trade theory", to understand the key concepts and theories of absolute advantage, comparative advantage, and gains from trade by using the production possibilities frontier (PPF).

In the part of “Economic Growth and Development”, it is important for students

to understand that economic growth and development are two related, but

different concepts.




Geography is an integrated study of people, places, landscapes and environments. We work together to deepen students' understanding of the world and the contemporary challenges such as climatic change, food security and energy choices that students may face in the future.




•  To promote Geography as a dynamic and exciting subject so as to inspire students'

   passion and interest in the subject.

•  To give students a broad understanding on the processes that shape the landscape

   patterns in Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world.

•  To foster students' caring attitude towards world issues and challenges.

•  To develop supportive values and attitudes, which help create and maintain a

    sustainable environment and cultivate a sense of belonging to our society and


•  To develop a range of transferable generic skills needed for life-long learning,

   such as critical thinking.



With regard to students’ performance and the comprehensive review in the past, major arrangements are made:


•  All students have to complete at least one project work;

•  Emphasizing in keywords and concepts drilling to strengthen students' competence

   in handling public examinations;

•  Map reading and practical skills for Grade 7 to 12;

•  At least two local trips for Grade 10 and 11 students, and one overseas visit to

   Taiwan in May 2015.






 •  加深學生對自身、社會、國家、人文世界和物質環境的理解;了解個人、社會、國


•  增加學生對當代議題的關注與思考;識別對個人和社會議題的不同意見背後的價值



•  教導學生清楚表達自己的論據,並以尊重、開放和寬容的態度來看待其他人所持的


•  培養學生成為盡責認真的公民,並在多元社會中欣賞和尊重不同的文化和觀點,學





  • 單元學習:今日香港 / 現代中國 / 全球化
  • 通識睇真啲
  • 考題練習
  • 晨早讀報
  • 專題閱讀報告



  • 單元學習:個人成長與人際關係 / 能源科技與環境 / 公共衛生
  • 通識睇真啲
  • 考題練習
  • 校本評核
  • 晨早讀報
  • 高階通識 (前段)



  • 高階通識 (後段)
  • 通識睇真啲
  • 考題練習
  • 晨早讀報



  • 初中學生每週三進行晨早新聞閱讀,由班主任帶領學生討論時事或通識議題。
  • 每學期最後一次週會舉行「通識鬥一番」大賽,成績最優秀的同學將獲加許。

通識教育科 比賽與活動

醫學通識年賽 2017 - 愛滋病通識盃 - 冠軍 (2017)


「社會科學通識年賽2015/16 - 環保通識盃」- 亞軍 (2016)


粵港澳大灣區考察團 (2018)


深圳前海考察團 (2017)


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