Science & Mathematics

The Department of Science and Mathematics consists of the Panel of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Integrated Science. Aims to raise students’ interest and strengthen their knowledge in science and mathematics, to cultivate students’ scientific mind and logical thinking, to maximize students’ potential and to nurture students to become scientific researchers of excellence so that they can make contributions for the benefit of human beings and prosperity of society.









• To make students being interested in Mathematics

• To build up the logical mind of the students

• To help the students attaining high understanding of Mathematics

• To achieve good result in public examination







Our aims are to develop the interest, motivation and the sense of achievement for students in studying physics.


Learning strategies


Students could understand the basic physics principles through fantastic experiments, fundamental conceptual introductions and concise exercises in basic, middle, advanced and challenging levels, in the topics of Heat and Kinetic Theory, Mechanics, Waves, Electricity and Magnetism and Atomic Physics.


Highly gifted students could participate in an advanced course in physics and mathematics during Elective Day. Students could appreciate the nature of physics, the historical and current development in physics through article readings, videos, Internet searching, presentations to foreign students and science experts during exchange programs.


Students could cultivate an attitude of responsible citizenship and learn the interactions between science, technology and society through participating in science visits such as China Light and Power Co., competitions such as Hong Kong School Science Competition, Hang Lung Mathematics Awards and Hong Kong Physics Olympiad, seminars such as physics and mathematics talks in the universities.




Students could develop skills relevant to the study of physics such as scientific investigations, problem solving, experimental techniques, collaboration, communication, mathematical analysis, information searching and processing, analytical and critical thinking and self-learning. They may carry out further studies and embark upon careers in fields related to physics.




Chemistry is a study dealing with the composition, structure and properties of matter, the interactions between different types of matter, and the relationship between matter and energy. Chemistry will provide a platform for developing scientific literacy and for building essential scientific knowledge and skills for lifelong learning in science and technology.




• To develop students' curiosity and interest in chemistry

• To enable students to construct and apply knowledge of chemistry

• To develop students' skills for making scientific inquiries

• To enable students to be aware of the science-technology-society-environment

   (STSE) connections within contemporary issues, and become responsible citizens

• To prepare students for internal and external examinations

• To provide students to participate various chemistry-related activities and





Students of Grade 9 to 12 studying the New Senior Secondary (NSS) Chemistry curriculum; while Grade 10 students are studying the Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry curriculum as well as the NSS curriculum.









• To develop in students the appreciation of diversity and harmony in nature

• To facilitate students to build up conceptual framework in biology;

• To develop the ability of students to make scientific inquiries; think scientifically and


• To build up an awareness in students for the social, ethical, economic, environmental and technological implications of biology;

• To collaborate with other science teachers for other objectives of the department.






This course aims to arouse students’ interest in learning science, to develop their ability to carry out scientific investigations, to provide them with basic scientific knowledge and concepts as well as equip them with skills required in senior levels. Students are trained to think critically, aim for precision and accuracy, learn independently and collaborate with others. A wide range of interesting experiments are incorporated to help students acquire a broader scope of scientific knowledge, problem-solving skills and better practical skills.


Each year, all students perform scientific investigations in science lessons. Outstanding students are selected to represent the school and participate in various competitions.




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