Founding Body : Gifted Education Council


G.T. College was founded by the Gifted Education Council (GEC), a non-profit charitable organization for gifted education in Hong Kong.


The council was formed in 1988 by a group of concerned educators and parents. In 1995, the council decided to set up the first school for the gifted in Hong Kong.



Honorary Chairman

Sir David Akers- JONES



Mr. Johnny YEUNG



Prof. Rex I.F. LI

School Management


Board Chairman

Prof. S.Y. CHENG


School Supervisor

Mr. Desmond Y.T. LEE


Curriculum Director

Prof. Rex I.F. LI


School Principal

Dr. Raymond K.W. TAM

Board of Advisors 2018/19


Ex-Chairman, Education Commission

Prof. Rosie YOUNG


Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Jiannong SHI


Director of Dewey Center, Fudan University

Prof. CHEN Yajun


Visiting Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Rex LI


Dean, Education Research, National Institute of Education, Singapore

Prof. Wing On LEE


Chairman of Tian An Success Investment Development Group

Mr. A.M. HU


Professional Consultant, Centre of Educational Leadership,

Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong



Vice President, The Education University of Hong Kong

Prof. C.K. LEE


Director of Interdisciplinary Programs Office,

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Prof. King L. Chow


Lecturer, Hong Kong Management Association

Dr. K.K. LEE


Renowned Music Coordinator

Dr. Henry SHEK

Board of Governors 2018/19


(SSB Representative)

Dr. Henry C.L. AU YEUNG

Mr. Chung-kong NG

Ms. Po-ling LAU

Mr. Wing Shing CHENG

Ms. Lai Ngo CHUNG

Ms. Siu Fun YEUNG

Mrs. Chiang Fung TSUI

Ms. Kwok Shan FONG


School Principal (Secondary Section)

Dr. Raymond K.W. TAM


School Principal (Primary Section)

Dr. Michael K.W. Chan


Teacher Representative (Secondary Section)

Mr. Alex K.C. O


Teacher Representative (Primary Section)

Mr. David W.K. CHAN


Parent Representative (Secondary Section) 17/18

Ms. Cathine WONG


Parent Representative (Primary Section) 17/18

Mr. Sam M.K. TUNG






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