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If you ask me what criteria a successful person should possess, besides academic excellence, I would say good leaderships, as well as communication skills, and a kind heart. To me, the chances I had to reach out, to try, and to explore have played an important role in nourishing me into who I am today.


Through my years in GT, I have always been encouraged to jump out of the box and try something new. Having an interest in singing, I had the chance to take up the position as a concert holder for the annual school concert. Through the process, not only did I learnt how to hold meetings and draw plans, but also how to allocate limited resources and make immediate decisions. As a leader of the team, it has never been easy to bear the great responsibility. Also, having been the head prefect of the school, I had to work with my team to facilitate events and to keep orders.  By taking up these positions, I  realize the importance of cooperation and communication, and these experiences have helped prepare me to take up even greater responsibilities in the near future.


Besides being a leader, it is also equally important to learn to be a member. Having participated in various school events such as the graduation ceremony and the prize giving ceremony, I have had several chance to help as a master of ceremony or backstage coordinator. Every piece of great work is done by more that one person, and as a member of a team, I learnt the importance of collaboration.


To me, reaching out to the community is very important in building up patience and empathy. As a regular volunteer, I have been working with dyslexia children, providing support on their academics and helping them build an interest in reading. Without meeting these kids, I wouldn’t have known how dyslexia patients suffer-how they encountered difficulties in reading and writing. Through volunteer sections working with them, I have built up great patience. We often read news about how the grassroots of Hong Kong suffer, but we have never been able to truly step in one’s shoes and see how hard they live. Having several chances to visit elderly people who are living alone, I had the chance to see how critical their conditions could be. Their smiley faces through the chats have been a great consolation to me, and these experiences have helped built my empathy towards people who are in need, no matter in our hometown or over the globe.


Apart from exploring locally, oversea exchange programs have also broaden my horizons and made me know more about people around the world. I have had a chance to visit the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics in the USA some time ago. Through the exchange I had the chance to learn from USA students, at the same time being able to see the difference between ourselves and foreign students. Having participated in their lessons, I found USA students really active in learning, not being afraid to ask questions or to discuss. However, in Hong Kong, students seem to be rather passive. Through these experiences I get to learn from students in different places, changing my view and attitude in learning.


Nowadays, people often ignore the importance of diversified development, putting their focus merely on academic excellence. However, I believe what makes me a mature student today is exactly these experiences that I have had through my secondary school life.


Stephanie Cheng
12 C

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