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Welcome to the website of G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College Student Union. We are the 6th Student Union of G.T. College. This year, 12 committee members are involved.


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The Student Union aims:

1. provide a multi-developing platform for our students based on the school’s principles;

2. act as a bridge between the school and the students and increase the loyalty of our students; and

3. act as a bridge between the community and the students, introduce resources outside the school and enrich

    the learning experience of our  students.




Teacher Advisors

Mr. King Lau

Ms. Sabrina Chan

Ms. Tina Tong

Ms. Jessie Tang


Committee Members

President :                       Lim Kei Lok(10D)

Internal Vice-President:     Louie Hui Ying Megan(10C)

External Vice-President:    Chui Ho Tung(10D)

Secretary:                        Lung Chee Tuen(10D)

Treasurer:                         Leung Ka Pui(10D)

Activity Director:               Ling Hau Yan(10B)

Activity Director:               Lam Tsz Ching(10C)

Promotion Officer:             Yu Pui Kin(9E)

Promotion Officer:             Lee Kwan Ho(9E)

Liaison Officer:                 Siu Chung Ling(9A)

External Affairs Officer:      Wong Ching Hang(9D)

Internal Affairs Officer:       Leung Ling Sin(10C)



Committee Members of the 6th Student Union

Activities (2017-2018)


  •  SU Election (5/9-26/9)
  • Halloween Activities (18/10)

Upcoming Events

  •  Food Sale (22/11)
  •  Stationary Sale (27/11-28/11)
  •  Casual Dress Day (6/12)
  •  Singing Contest 2017(Semi-Final) (6/12)
  •  Singing Contest 2017(Final) (22/12)
  •  Blood Donation Day (7/2)
  •  Game Booth Day 2018 (13/2)


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