Our school is registered as a non-profit educational organization. We receive full recurrent direct subsidy from the government. The school fees of the school year 2016/2017 are as follows:




Civil servants can apply for local education allowance.


Lunches, uniforms, textbooks and stationary are provided by (recommended) suppliers. Purchasing from the suppliers is voluntary. As for other small miscellaneous matters, the school will collect the appropriate fees when necessary.


The school provides financial and scholarships for deserving students. The scholarship is designed to help families who may some financial assistance in their child’s education. The financial aid scholarship scheme could cover 100% of the tuition.


Grade Annual School Fee (per months) Number of installments
G7 (Secondary 1) HK $ 3480 11 months
G8 - G9 (Secondary 2 - 3) HK $ 3680 11 months
G10 - G12 (Secondary 4 - 6) HK $ 3880 11 months

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